Cornelia Parker


A recent discovery, the work of Cornelia Parker is stunning just because of the scale of her installations, coupled with the exact nature of them. As you maybe have noticed I have a bit of an enchantment with installations involving hanging objects and on a mass scale! I think it’s something to do with the way it makes the objects magical because of they way they appear to float.

Cornelia Parker is a british installation artist and she has an interest in materials which have been sunject to some sort of violent act. For example the above installation;called Anti-Mass: is made up of timber from an arsoned church. For the piece show below Parker filled a ordinary garden shed with a jumble of items from car boot sales and then asked the British Army to blow it up! She then collected the debris and carefully assembled it into the installation Cold Dark Matter; An Exploded View (1991). It gives the effect that the explosion has been frozen in time. The single lightbuld placed in the middle creates dramatic shadows around the space.
This installation is called The Darkness and is made up of parts of a cliff which collapsed in Sussex. Below is an installation titled “Neither From Nor Towards” which consists of the bricks of a house that was situated on the cliffs of Dover. When the house collapsed due to cliff erosion the bricks fell down onto the beach below. They were then worn down by the sea.

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