NEU NOW 2014


It’s been a while!

With much thanks to Andy Milligan, my course director for Interior and Environmental Design at DJCAD I was nominated to be considered for the NEU NOW annual international exhibition. It is open to graduates from around Europe and includes various categories including: DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE, FILM/ANIMATION, MUSIC/SOUND, THEATRE/DANCE and VISUAL ARTS. The entries are considered by experts from each field and the event aims to provide a platform for establishing creatives to present their work to a worldwide audience.

I am lucky to be one of 65 artists and designers to have my work presented on the NEU NOW website.

You can find my work here!

24 students have also been selected to show and at the physical exhibition this year being held in Glasgow. Although I was not selected for this stage I am still so pleased to be included online and to be one of the five students from a Scottish institution!

Thank you sincerely to everyone that helped me with the project in the first place Halley Stevensons Waxed Cotton, the Interiors team and all those that supported me along  the way; family and friends; listening to my woes, driving around the country or even accompanying me on the worst camping experience of my life during my project build!

A special thanks to Andy Milligan again for putting me forward for the exhibition!


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