Final Imagery

These are the final images that are on display in my degree show space…these first three are the main ones which I will propose to Halley Stevensons as part of a new branding identity. The slogan “Protection From The Elements” both highlights the connection between the hut and the wax cotton; and alludes to the waterproof, wind proof and durable qualities of Halley Stevensons product.

The minimal, elegant typeface is in line with the previous images that I produced for Halley Stevensons and a font that the company liked and wanted to keep. Halley Stevensons do not currently have a consistent logo so it was important to try to establish consistency between the first project and the second to try and build that.




I believe the setting of the intervention effectively portrays a romantic but authentic natural Scottish landscape which emphasises the Scottish heritage of Halley Stevensons. It was vital this was communicated in the final imagery as it is important selling point for the company with clients of similar heritage and using Halley Stevensons waxed cotton to support their own Scottish or British credentials.

Below is further supporting imagery from the project. I have linked some of these images back to my initial research into structural interventions.




WRAP copy














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