Build Diaries : Monday / Tuesday

The project build took place between Monday 14th April and Friday 19th April. After completed it stayed in place for one week. The next few posts reflect on the events of each day of the build…


First glitch…fabric cannot be collected until the next day. therefore the plan of picking that up and heading to Pitlochry today to conduct some experimental construction in preparation for Wednesday is put on hold until tomorrow. This means that I am unable to test components such as pegs and rope prior to the main build day and I have to go ahead and make sixty wooden pegs and just hope they are up to the task. Workshop all day today tent peg making!


Fabric ready to be collected I load up the car with all other materials and tools, go to Halley Stevensons to collect fabric and finally get to head north to the site just outside Pitlochry. The sun is shining but the air is cold and in the shade of the hut I am grateful for all my layers of clothes.


With the car unloaded, Craig, my faithful transporter, heads back to Dundee and leaves me to it. A team of one I begin by briefly clearing the site and then installing the orange ratchet strapping on the interior of the hut. There was no room for a ladder, I improvise with a wooden pallet.










Next is to test the pully system to pull the strips of waxed cotton over the roof of the hut from one side to the other. I take a large stone from the side of the field and attach a piece of long string to it and throw it over the hut, then attach the orange PP rope to the end of the string and pull that over. I have made the rope long enough that it can be pulled over from one side to the other with rope still remaining on both sides so it only needs to be thrown over the hut once.





I measure out 18 metres of waxed cotton. On one corner I secure a 100x100mm block of wood with a hole through the middle. Through the hole I thread a 2m length of orange rope and attach this to the pulley rope. From the other side I pull rope to heave the heavy waxed cotton strip over. It’s heavy for me and gets stuck on the top of the corrugated roof, after a strong pull it’s over but as it comes down I can hear it shredding on the roof and the strip is severely twisted rather than flat as I wanted. I’m disheartened and worried that nothing is going to go to plan when I have a team of people there the next day.

Late evening I need to get back to Dundee. I am able to leave the material and some tools there but I have to take the drill, camera and rest of the tools in my backpack and walk from the site into Pitlochry. It takes me four hours from site back home in Dundee and I feel exhausted after just one day!





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