Build Diaries: Friday

The project build took place between Monday 14th April and Friday 19th April. After completed, it stayed in place for one week. The next few posts reflect on the events of each day of the build…


I’m feeling better and get on the train to Pitlochry, thankful that it’s a sunny day with little wind. The plan for today is to complete the interior intervention so as to be able to carry out the projections and to re-do just a couple of the waxed cotton strips so I can at least film the process. I realise that although I would like to have the hut completed as designed it is important to at least capture the process as well as I can even if the final vision doesn’t come together.


I meet the whole family in Pitlochry….what would I do without them. Me and dad are ready to get building again and my younger brother Conall has been tasked with filming at the moments when I can’t.


In good spirits we begin putting the strips over the hut. We are much faster, having already done it and with the weather on our side. Because of this we are able to completely re-do all the waxed cotton strips as before. We also get the interior intervention done, suspending the untreated cotton as screens between the orange ratchet strapping. I am delighted!

Untitled copy

Unfortunately after a week of using the generator for charging tools (and even boiling a kettle at one point!) come the moment of truth to projection map and project when darkness the generator broke! However after all the trials of the week this seemed like a manageable issue! Instead we experimented with lighting using the car and driving it around the hut. It created some great dramatic, stage set like imagery.

Here is my final presentation video piece on display at degree show which shows our build process…





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