Viewpoints and Perspectives

I want my intervention to evoke a Sense of Place. As previously described, to me this means a moment of, feeling where you are and the impact you could have on this environment around you.

I am aiming for my intervention to encourage viewers think about Scottish identity in general and also with consideration to the Scottish referendum. I am still developing what specific questions I want to address but at the moment…

How do they feel about Scotland and being Scottish?

What are their future ambitions for Scotland?

How do they feel the referendum giving them an opportunity to have an impact on the metaphorical “Scottish landscape”? 

How does it effect their views of Scotland and being Scottish? 

As initial research, last semester I conducted just under 20 interviews and spoke to people about Scotland and their viewpoints on the referendum. I recorded each of the interviews and as part of our Christmas exhibition “Unwrapped” created the cubes featured below to present this research in a more interactive way.





Each interviewee has their own cube with a photograph of them, a quote from their interview, and finally their own QR code which visitors to the exhibition could scan with their smart phones. This would then take them to that interview uploaded onto Mixcloud.

To listen to some of the interviews click on the interviewees below.


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